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The the Saint Helena was chosen by Extreme E because of her unique combination of cargo carrying capacity for up to 90 containers in addition to the race cars themselves and the ability to house and entertain up to 170 guests at events. The ship also has her own cranes allowing her to unload herself in remote locations where onshore cranes are unavailable.

The ship was originally commissioned by the UK government as the support vessel to the island of Saint Helena and as such she was specified to a very high level and as a result she is an extremely sound and well founded ocean going ship. With Her enormous range and renewed and upgraded air conditioning system she can transverse the globe to all of the locations that Extreme E intend to visit over the coming years.

The Saint Helena provides a unique entertaining resource for Extreme E and the ship acts as a meeting and hospitality venue in and around race weekends where all the key figures associated with the business meet and network.

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